Welcome to The Learning Blog

This is our learning blog. No, it's not a blog that learns. If this blog could learn to write itself, believe me, I would be amazed and let it do its thing, and perhaps take it out to lunch every Friday to chat about life's big stuff... But in all seriousness, we wanted to start this blog because we have chosen to take on a journey to the stars, one of exploration and invention, one which our ancestors began when they first picked up fire and will end only when all human descendants are gone, and we want to take you with us.

We are Blank Slate Industries, LLC, and we are taking the first steps to create an online presence and culture of innovation, creativity, supportive teamwork, technical excellence, and integrity, with a driven focus on utilizing existing and developing science and technology to shape a better future for all mankind. That's a heck of a mouth full, isn't it?  Allow us to break it down and introduce ourselves to the world. 

In the wake of starting this venture, which began with a single math/physics tutor who worked for several years at NASA and KPMG and left both in pursuit of this dream, and is quickly growing into an extensive network of educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers, all working together and intent on achieving a myriad of goals, we here at Blank Slate have learned that we humans have a lot to learn--and we want to be open to that, in a broad sense.  We know that even with all the expertise at our fingertips we don’t know everything.  What’s more, we know that the world is filled with even more people who don’t do math and science for a living, or even business, possibly people just like you, but that those people are still just as in awe of everything around them and would want to understand it if only they could. 

We think you can.  We also think you can help. 

We understand that everyone has to start somewhere, and that figuring out your focus and topics of interest, and learning and stumbling and making and fixing mistakes, (just like we have), is the only way to grow, to excel.  We know we humans are all in this together.  We also know that the greatest journeys start with a single step, and a strong foundation of knowledge is vital for any endeavor.  We want to foster a safe and exciting place for people to share that knowledge with each other, a fermenting ground for creativity.  You never know who will have the next great idea.  We hope you’ll join our party.

This is the first installment of our blog, and the world--nay, the universe--has a lot to offer as far as learning goes. Have a scroll through this interactive scale of the universe for just a taste of how much there is to learn from everything around us. All of this observable knowledge is at our fingertips in an atmosphere teeming with opportunity, and honestly, we just can't stop nerding out about it.  We hope you feel the same.

This is Blank Slate Industries, LLC.  

We help educators.  You need cool stuff to put in front of your kids?  We have it.  You need ideas on how to teach something?  We can help.  We help freelancers.  You need reliable on-call scheduling staff you can afford to help you maximize your business?  We got you covered.  You need advertising?  We can help with that, too.  We help students.  Need a tutor?  We know lots of ‘em.  Need resources for homework?  We have ‘em here, and they’re free.  We help entrepenueurs.  Overwhelmed by all the ins and outs of I-9s and payroll taxes?  We’ve been there.  Learning about Search Engine Optimization?  Us, too.

Every week we’ll scour the web for cool articles, links, quotes, inspiration, and ideas, things which are going on in the world, just random stuff to stick in front of you that we think is cool.  If you have any questions about anything that you see, feel free to call us and we’ll step you through it.  If we don’t have the answers, we’ll find someone who does.  We also provide affordable staffing services for freelance tutors and other small business services, freeing up time you can spend in front of paying customers.

Still with us?  We know that was a mouthful.  Good.  There’s more.

All that being said, we are more than just a collection of resources.  In addition to our focus on the pursuit of knowledge and helping educators, and in addition to what we can offer small businesses and freelancers and tutors (oh my); we also have our sights set on the final frontier. I can hear the record scratching and the upbeat elevator music in your head coming to an abrupt stop as your eyes digest that last sentence. Yes. Space, the Final Frontier. Reaching for the stars isn’t just an empty metaphor.  Blank Slate Industries, LLC and its collective think tank is looking to partner with certain Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in order to develop advanced research and development for science and technology that could make space exploration easily accessible to all human kind. Not only that, our research also has potential for alternate sources of efficient and green energy, leading to a better life for everyone back here on earth.  Remember that fermenting ground of ideas thing?  We’re putting them to good use.  (Author Note: I need to create our page for details on all of that and link to it for details here)

        How do these ideas all tie together in our Blank Slate puzzle?  We know that was a lot to process. We want to use our profit from entrepreneurial endeavors with our partners and some help from like-minded companies and agencies to fund our research and development. That's right, we are essentially offering to help grow small and self-owned businesses to work the bulk of our way to space exploration. To use a metaphor, that'd be similar to offering to tend someone's garden for a small surplus of the veggies and fruit, and then taking that small surplus to build a spacecraft, maybe with an extra apple or two from the rich apple farmer who also wants to see us go to space.  And much like tending a garden, this is not something that happens overnight. We want to take our time carefully establishing our company and its ventures and projects, and we want you to come with us.

These are but the first steps down the yellow brick road. We'd be glad to have you along for the ride.