We are Blank Slate Industries, LLC, and we are taking the first steps to create an online presence and culture of innovation, creativity, supportive teamwork, technical excellence, and integrity, with a driven focus on utilizing existing and developing science and technology to shape a better future for all mankind. We know that even with all the expertise at our fingertips we don’t know everything.  What’s more, we know that the world is filled with even more people who don’t do math and science for a living, or even business, possibly people just like you, but that those people are still just as in awe of everything around them and would want to understand it if only they could. 

We understand that everyone has to start somewhere and that figuring out your focus and topics of interest, and learning and stumbling and making and fixing mistakes are the only ways to grow, to excel.  We also know that the greatest journeys start with a single step, and a strong foundation of knowledge is vital for any endeavor.  We want to foster a safe and exciting place for people to share that knowledge with each other.  

We are more than just a collection of resources.  In addition to our focus on the pursuit of knowledge and helping educators, small business owners, teachers, and tutors, we also have our sights set on the final frontier. Reaching for the stars isn’t just an empty metaphor.  Blank Slate Industries, LLC and its collective think tank is looking to partner with companies and government agencies in order to develop advanced research and development for science and technology that could make space exploration easily accessible to all human kind. Not only that, our research also has potential for alternate sources of efficient and green energy, leading to a better life for everyone back here on earth. We want to use our profit from entrepreneurial endeavors with our partners and some help from like-minded companies and agencies to fund our research and development. 

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At Blank Slate Industries, LLC, we have chosen to take on a journey to the stars, one of exploration and invention, one which our ancestors began when they first picked up fire and will end only when all human descendants are gone, and we want to take you with us.