The Mysterious Sounds Of The Deepest Parts of the Ocean


Hydrophone being lowered into the Mariana Trench. (NOAA)

Hydrophone being lowered into the Mariana Trench. (NOAA)

Recently, the NOAA released the surprising and somewhat frightening sounds that permeate in the deepest parts of the ocean. The team had thought that when they sent a titanium encased hydrophone that they would be greeted with silence but instead they found man made and natural sounds. 

Capturing the sounds was no easy feat. Because the Mariana Trench is up to 11,000m deep, it is incredibly difficult to explore due to the immense pressure place on objects at that depth. It is in fact to be 16,000 pounds per square inch.

They had never been able to get a hydrophone deeper than a mile but this time they got it 7 miles down. Of course, it took three weeks to reach that depth because they could drop the microphone no more than 5 meters per second to avoid crushing the ceramic housing.