Think Tank

Blank Slate needs your help developing our R&D team.  

We are looking to leverage our contacts in space, academic, and other industries to position ourselves on the forefront of the exciting revolution happening today in energy and propulsion research and development, and we are looking for your help. 

We as a country are no longer even on the map in terms of math and science education, much less research.  

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 26 countries ranked ahead of us on the Program for International Student Assessment in science in 2012, 34 in math.  China is currently developing a space program that is completely independent of the international community that has been involved with the International Space Station, and currently we cannot even independently send people to our own outpost in low-Earth-orbit without buying seats to space from Russia.  In order to propel our country back into the spotlight of technological excellence and innovation where we still think we belong, back towards long-term space exploration, bold measures are required, and we intend to take them. 

There is so much potential.

There are exciting things happening in the academic community today, things that many laypeople are not aware of: potential for propulsion that could make flying cars and hover boards a practical possibility, power and energy sources beyond our current imagining, sources much safer and better for the environment than the ones we currently use.  Some people say it will never happen, that the science isn't there, that it will take too long and too many resources.  We say it will.  We say--we as a company, we as a network, we as a country--we can make it happen.  

Masters in their fields

We currently have access to a number of people who are masters in their field, including PhDs, engineers with 40+ years experience, ex-NASA employees and contractors, and university professors, working on these topics as we speak.  One who has a PhD in particle physics has agreed to be principal investigator into energy research, research that promises to provide enough safe power to fuel a car for the life of the vehicle.  Another group is working on propulsion that could provide safe and easy transport to space, and even has the potential for faster-than-light travel.

We are looking for people like you to join us. 

We clearly have exciting goals lined up for this group, and are looking for proficient and intelligent individuals with the patience needed for developing and testing theories and engineering applications in a dynamic team setting.  We are seeking people with backgrounds or experience in physics, engineering, or aerospace design, but we are also seeking amateurs with heavy interest in these fields. Send us your resume, or any questions you have about our think tank in the form below.


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