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Event Horizons Virtual Assistant does scheduling management for businesses and people who just need a little extra help. Are you up to your ears in voice mails, texts, and emails requesting appointments? Do you have trouble even finding the time to answer emails or your phone? Or do you need someone to pick up your dry cleaning, make appointments, or run an errand for you? 

Event Horizons Virtual Assistant is here to alleviate the pressure of having to always be available to do your own scheduling. We will answer your emails, take your calls, set your clients up with appointments, and run errands for you. You will have more time to give to your clients and your family, more time to spend making money, or just more time to unwind without having to worry about scheduling your next appointments. It’s just like having an assistant, but instead you will get a whole team of assistants dedicated to making your life easier to manage. 



    • A scheduling team of actual live people who can:

      • Manage your client correspondence

      • Set up appointments with your clients via phone, email, and text

      • Create an interactive visual aid calendar so you can see all of your scheduled appointments from your phone

      • Adhere to your specified availability

      • Send "at a glance" messages to you, outlining your upcoming appointments for the day or week

      • Be available for you to call or text with any questions or concerns

    • A boost in advertising, and more business. Become our partner, and with Blank Slate working for you, we can:

      • Advertise your small business on our website,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

      • Feature your business on our website and social media

      • Link to your preexisting website on our Partners page

      • Actively search for more clients for your business

      • Set up any necessary third party apps you might need for your business, such as Skype or Google Voice

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